Unless otherwise noted; everything you see on this website is copyrighted. And as such, cannot be used in any form for profit by anyone other than the owner of the web site.

About our digital’s:

Any digital downloads you receive from this site are for your personal use only. However, you MAY use the digital images to print out and use in any products you create that you intend on selling to others. Some of the items that come to mind are; art, journals, junk journals, greeting cards, ephemera, etc… Please limit your sales to 300 per digital download from our shop.

About our hand made (physical) products:

Any of the products that you will find at this site (that have been made by hand) are for YOUR personal use ONLY (unless otherwise noted). There may be some ephemera packs in our shop that you can use in creating your junk journals with. Whatever you create using those things can in turn be sold to others. In other words; to use in a junk journal as decoration. You CANNOT sell one of our ephemera packs and claim it as your own. That would be illegal use of our products and would go against our terms of use.

About sharing your completed products with others:

You may upload youtube videos of the items you purchased through this site at anytime and we encourage you to do so. Just please remember to link back to this site so everyone will know the place where they can find any of our other products.

About Happy Mail:

We like to share happy mail with our customers and any friends that we make online. If you would like to send us (actually it’s just me and hubby, lol) happy mail please use the email address below to contact us and we will send you our address so you can send anything you like. Now, if we do receive happy mail from you, please know that in return, you will ALSO receive a happy mail from us as well, lol.

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If you have any questions regarding these terms, please let me know by leaving a comment on this page. Thanks and hugs!

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