Flea Market Finds + Book Haul

Hi guys, how’re you all doing? I went to the beach this weekend to visit some thrift stores and the flea market and snagged up a few things (mostly books, lol). And, I also went on to ebay this weekend and did some searches for old cook books and will you just look at what I came up with. BTW, the Better Homes and Gardens cook book (below) that have more than 1 preview, well I bought 4 of those in total, lol). Yeah, I kinda went a little crazy but each book was so cheap I couldn’t believe the prices they wanted for each one and some I actually had to bid on to get, but the prices were still very low.


All  the books below, I found at the flea market along with all the children’s books too.

I don’t have any previews for all the children’s books that I bought but some are very old. There were over a dozen or so Little Golden Books from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. And at the 1 thrift store that we visited I found almost a complete set of Child Craft encyclopedia’s from the 60’s and some old Ideals magazines and books from the 70’s too. There were 2 really old Webster’s dictionary’s that I picked up along with a few other Better Homes and Garden books. I still can’t get over this yumminess book haul, lol. Now, I have to get busy making some more stuff to put in my shop. Of course, I still have to wait a few more days before I get the books I got from ebay but I can get started on all the rest of it right now. woohoo. hugs, Mod Girl.