About The Give Away!

Well, I had hoped someone had taken me up on the offer for the giveaway but alas, no one ever did. I guess nobody likes anything I have to offer in my store and I guess I am just wasting my time on all this crafting stuff after all. Hmmm. I don’t know what to do next. Do I keep trying to sell stuff or do I just close up shop? Well, I guess that’s something I need to consider anyway.

In the mean time, I am going to be having a sale in my shop. All my digitals will be reduced in price and some of my junk journals will also be for sale as well.

So, thanks for stopping by and thanks for visiting my site. I really do appreciate it. Hugs, Mod Girl

Digitals Added to the Shop!

Well, I finally got some digitals added to my shop. I created a few of these before and somehow deleted the files by mistake. Not sure how that happened, but I figured it was about time I made some new stuff anyway, lol. BTW, I am also trying to restructure my shop into much refined categories. It’s not an easy process apparently because I keep having to go back and re-fix things every few minutes, lol.

thanks and hugs, Mod Girl