Time for a de-stash!

Okay folks. My craft room is in need of an over haul so I have to let a few things go. To start with, I recently picked up some vintage books from ebay and from thrift stores. You will find a lot of those for sale in my shop right now. I know the prices might seem a little high at first, but if you consider the fact that I am offering free shipping with everything I sell here in my shop, then those prices tend to make more sense.

Besides books, I also have some fabric de-stashing I want to do as well. But that’s going to take some time to pull all of it out from the boxes I have stashed all over my house. I used to be a quilter years ago so I have collected quite a bit of fabric in my life time, lol.

And, I don’t know if anyone would be interested in any crafting supplies, but I have a few of those that I will be letting go very soon too. I also have a rather large collection of ribbon that I need to de-stash. It’s going to take a little time to go through all of this stuff but as soon as I can, I will add all of those to my shop as well. So please keep checking back every now and then to see.

thanks and hugs, Mod Girl.