New Products Coming Soon!

Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you know that I have 14 new products to add to my shop. They’re all junk journals that I have been working on and they are almost complete. I just need to add some finishing touches to them and then add some pics and maybe a few video flip throughs (if I can get my video camera to stay on long enough to accomplish that, lol).

So, let me tell you a little something about all of them to peak your interest. All are mostly from old books that were well past the point of salvaging in one way or another. Well, all except one but I will tell you about that some other time, lol. BTW, almost all the journals I made have 3 signatures each except for the last 2 journals I will be adding to my shop.

I have 2 Black Beauty books that had pages missing and most were torn and damaged so I will be using some of those for ephemera to dress up some journals. The books covers themselves were in pretty good shape except for the spines so I had to redo those completely. One of the Black Beauty books cover was a lot better shape after it had a good cleaning. I was very surprised about how well it came out. These 2 books are both glue books but can also be used as regular journals also because they both have pages added to them that can be written on also. I was going to embellish them a whole lot but decided against it because I figured whoever bought them would want to do the embellishment themselves.

So, I have included an envelope stuffed with all sorts of images (for each of the journals) that can be used in each of these. Some of the images are from Tim Holtz Ideology ephemera so there are quite a bit of vintage type images to be used also. But, of course if you want to use them in other projects, that’s alright too, lol.

Next up are 3 children’s books. 1 is a writing journal and the other 2 are turned into ring binders. The titles of these are; Richard Scarry’s Color Book, Walt Disney’s Pinocchio and The Puppet Theater (a former popup book) and Playtime for Nancy. The Richard Scarry book was in pretty good shape except for the spine and some ink writing on some of the pages. The Pinocchio book was in really bad shape. I guess mainly because it was a popup book and someone loved it very much. So much so, that the popups were completely torn and tattered so the only thing that was salvaged was the book cover itself. All of these cute little binder journals have all sorts of ribbon, tattered vintage fabric strips, sparkly mesh, and lace tied to the binder rings as decoration along with some handmade charms.

Playtime for Nancy is a lovely little book (Wonder Book from 1951) and the inside page was one of the pages that was saved which has the date of the copyright on it (1951). This book was in need of a lot of care and love to get it in to shape. I was able to salvage a few pages but the rest were either colored on with ink and crayons or were badly torn and tattered.

And just so you know, I went all out with this little Wonder Book, lol. The cover was cleaned twice with mild soap and a damp cloth and between each cleaning it was air dried before it was cleaned a second time. The book cover has a wonderful old age patina to it. Along the left and right sides of the cover (inside and out) I glued on some vintage fabric to enforce it because the sides were heaving degraded and I was afraid to add anything too heavy so I chose fabric. The spine had to be redone so I covered it with some old fabric and some cute buttons after the signatures were sewn into the book.

There were 2 places on the cover that needed to be fixed so I covered each with some fabric snippets, lace and a little button to each (front and back cover). The inside has been embellished with all sorts of ephemera. Some of the old pages that were in the book were made into pockets and some pages from other old children’s books were used also. There is coffee dyed papers, colored papers, scrapbook paper, ledger paper and other book pages added to this little journal so there is plenty of writing space in it. And after I did all that I went through my box of charms and added some of those to the ends of the string I used to sew into the journal (6 charms total).

Oh dear, this page is getting pretty long so I will start a part 2, lol. See ya on the flip side and hugs!