Song Book Vintage Junk Journal

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This junk journal started out as a song book from 1938 which I turned into a junk journal. The entire outside cover was in beautiful condition and the only thing I did to it was give it a good cleaning. The inside was in pretty bad shape so I collaged the entire inside cover with vintage themed scrapbook papers. This journal has only 1 signature because it simply couldn’t hold anymore pages. But I did cram a lot of pages inside that you can use for journaling on. I glued an envelope to one of the scrapbook papers inside this book and stuff that envelope with all sorts of images that you can use. I also added a pocket to one of the pages and stuffed it with images and sewed some vintage fabric to the edges of some of the pages as well. This book measures 9 inches in height by almost 6 inches in width.

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Song Book Vintage Junk Journal