Mary Anne Vintage Junk Journal

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This journal was created using an old vintage book called; “Mary Anne”. The cover itself was in pretty good shape but needed cleaning and a good sealer added to it. Almost all the pages on the inside were damaged, falling apart or were missing so I gutted the inside of the book and replaced all the pages with some of my own. This book was created as a writing journal because almost all the pages in it are blank and can be used to write on. I added a lot of coffee dyed papers and threw in a few vintage book papers just for decoration. The spine was in need of repair so I reinforced it and covered it with vintage fabric, lace, vintage buttons and 1 red fabric yoyo made from vintage fabric. This book measures 8 1/2 inches in height by 5 1/2 inches in width with a 2 inch wide spine. The front cover has been decorated with a fabric collage using vintage pieces of fabric and 2 vintage fabric yoyo’s. This journal would make a really nice gift for a lover of vintage books or someone with the same name as this book; “Mary Anne”.

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Mary Anne