Flower Junk Journal

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This flowered themed junk journal started off in life as an old Slenderella Cook Book but had to have some work done to the cover on both sides, so I collaged the entire cover with a floral tissue paper. The inside is also flower themed and you’ll find ephemera, fabric pockets, old wall paper pockets and pages with this flower theme strewn throughout. This journal measures 9 1/2 inches in height by 6 3/4 inches in width and has a 1 1/2 in wide spine with 3 signatures inside. The front cover has fabric and scrapbook paper collage added to it and topped off with 3 vintage yoyo’s. And because I didn’t want the back to be left out (lol), I added a piece of fabric to it with 3 colorful buttons. This flower themed junk journal can be used as a writing journal or a glue book and would make a nice gift for anyone who loves flowers and nature.

The spine is covered with a strip of lace and topped with some colorful buttons, 2 which are flower shaped. I also added a photo flip through video to youtube if you’d like to see more images of the inside of this journal:

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Flower Themed Junk Journal