Black Beauty Junk Journal 1

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I found this old 1975 Black Beauty book one day in a thrift store and turned into a junk journal (glue book). The cover was in very good condition but the pages were in bad shape so I gutted the book and reinforced the spine. The spine was covered in vintage fabric to match the colors of the book and topped off with some assorted buttons and crocheted lace placed down the edges of the spine. This journal measures almost 12 inches in height by 8 1/4 inches in width with a 2 3/4 inch wide spine. Inside I added 3 signatures with many horse themed book pages, scrapbook paper, and other misc papers from calendars, music sheets, old recipe books, etc… Some pages have pockets added to them that are stuffed with ephemera and some pages have fabric sewn to the edges  This is one of the largest books I have altered so far and it was a bit of a challenge but I think it turned out pretty well considering some of the problems I had like work space, lol. This journal would make a great gift for any horse lover.

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Black Beauty Junk Journal 1