BH&G Holiday Cook Book

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This is an old 1968 Better Homes and Garden’s Holiday Cook Book that I turned into a junk journal. The cover was in really good shape but the spine had to be replaced so I covered it in vintage fabric and 3 snippets of red square fabric, some crocheted lace down the sides and topped it all off with some big yellow buttons that match the same color as the front of the book. This journal measures 11 inches in height by 7 3/4 inches in width and has a 2 inch wide spine. Inside are 3 signatures of papers with a Christmas theme. I added all sorts of papers including; Holiday Recipes, scrapbook papers, Christmas themed book pages with Santa on them and Christmas themed (heavy cardstock type) coloring papers. I didn’t do any embellishing to the inside of this book because I thought someone would like to do that for themselves. So, I included a special Christmas themed envelope full of Christmas themed images that can be used to decorate it. This journal would make a great Christmas gift for anyone who loves the holidays and cooking.

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Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Cook Book