Part 2 of New Products

Okay, here we go with part 2 of the new products I wanted to tell you about. Next up is a lovely old book called; “Edge Water Beach Salad Book” 1934 by Arnold Shircliffe. BTW, I have a screen shot of the book (in it’s previous condition) for you on this one:
salad book
This book has been gutted, with the spine still intact, but the spine has been reinforced to strengthen it. I think the thing I loved most about this old book was the green ivy all over the cover. I’m telling you, they sure knew how to make old books back then didn’t they? lol. So, as you can see by the label on the front of the book it was in need of changing so I did a collage of different vintage style images and glued them to the top cover. Before the images were glued however they were all sewn with a single stitch around each image to highlight each one. And the edges of all the images were distressed with vintage photo distress ink from Tim Holtz. This book has 3 signatures and can be used as a glue book or a regular journal as there is plenty of writing space inside.

Next up, is a book from 1954 called Mary Anne by Daphne Du Maurier. Here’s a screen shot of the book before it was altered:
Mary Anne
Just like the book above, this book was also gutted and the spine was reinforced to strengthen it. The spine was also covered in lace, 1 red yoyo made from some vintage fabric along with some vintage buttons. The front cover had to be cleaned and I noticed as soon as I started to clean it that the ink they used in the cover was starting to come off on the rag I was using. So, I let it air dry after cleaning and then added 2 coats of sealer to the entire cover afterwards. There are 3 signatures inside this journal and it can also be used as a glue book or a journal because there is plenty of writing space inside.

This next book is called; “The Gardener’s Bug Book” 1956 by Cynthia Westcott (screen shot below) and the inside of this book had a lot of problems, lol. Most of the pages were torn out, some scribbled on and others couldn’t be saved at all. But for some reason the outside cover was immaculate. So, you can imagine my surprise after I opened it and saw the damage that had been done to it. Both inside covers (front and back) had scribbling all over them so I decoupaged images all over. The spine was in good shape but I reinforced it anyway and recovered the inside with vintage fabric. On the top cover I added a fabric collage which includes vintage fabric, vintage lace, vintage trim along with 3 fabric yoyo’s. And because the book cover was so plain to begin with, I added a smaller fabric collage to the back cover as well. This book was created as a glue book and I have included an envelope full of images that you can use to glue on the pages also. Of course, you can use it as a regular journal as well because there are some pages inside that can be written on.

bug book

Next up, is an old 1968 Better Homes and Garden’s Holiday Cook Book (screen shot below, before it was turned into a junk journal). The cover was in perfect shape so I didn’t do anything to it. The spine was removed because it was already falling apart so I added my own and dressed it up with some green, checkered vintage fabric and on top of that fabric I added 3 small squares of red vintage patterned fabric and topped it all off with round yellow buttons after the signatures were all sewn in. I was going to add some other type of buttons but the round buttons reminded me of cookies and they are the same color as the cover so, that’s what I went with. In all, I really like how this one turned out. It includes 3 signatures and the theme of most of the papers inside are Christmas related. You know, holiday recipes and such? Plus there is some Santa’s mixed in just for fun, because what is Christmas without Santa, right? lol. This particular book was created as a glue book but could be used as a regular journal too. Included is a special Christmas themed envelope that is stuffed with holiday themed ephemera to get you started.

holiday book

And finally I have 2 smaller journals that I made that have only 1 signature each to them. The reason for this is because both of these books were in great condition. The first book is called; “Songs For Every Purpose and Occasion” 1938 by Hall & McCreary Company. Screen shot below:
song book
A lot of the pages were torn out but the rest of the book was in perfect condition. So, I gutted it, reinforced the spine and sewed in the signature. This one was created as a junk journal which you can use to write in or glue stuff inside it. I have embellished it a little with pockets and ephemera inside.

The next book is called; “April House” from the 50’s. Sorry, I don’t have a screen shot for this book but it has a really nice front cover. And, again the cover was exceptional but some pages inside were scribbled on and the spine was alright but I reinforced it anyway and covered it with matching vintage fabric. Both inside and back covers were scribbled on with black magic marker so I collaged over all the inside with assorted images. And, just like the Song Book, this journal has only 1 signature but can be used for a glue book or as a regular journal. It has also been embellished with pockets and ephemera throughout.

So, that’s it for now. I hope you’ll go visit my shop soon and see these really nice journals after they’re added to it. Besides all these journals, I’m also working on some digitals and some tiny quilts to add to my shop too. Time, it all takes time you know. Wish there were more time in the day to do all the stuff that I wanted, but alas… lol. HUGS!!