Crafting Blues

I sometimes wonder if others who craft ever get the crafting blues. You know, when you want to do something in your craft room but you look around but cannot decide on anything in particular? Yup, that’s me right now. I honestly don’t know if it’s because I see hubs walk past me while I’m in my craft room and he just gives me these dirty looks all the time. He says I’m a hoarder and that I need to get rid of all this stuff. And when you try and explain to him that the stuff you are using are all tools he just looks at you like your crazy or something. BTW, I am married to a hoarder. He works at a wrecker yard where they scrap cars and most of the time he brings home all sorts of junk he finds in cars and car parts, tools, construction items, etc… But he calls ME the hoarder. That’s really funny.

Yes, I agree. I do have a lot of crafting stuff but most of it was up in the attic and when I decided to bring it all down so I could start using it he went nuts and started having an attitude about it. Now, think about that when I tell you that not even once have I even mentioned to him about all the crap he brings home on a regular basis. And when I say all of the crap I mean it ends up sitting in the living room or on the counter in the kitchen most of the time until I find a better spot for it. His clothes closet is full of tools. He has stacks of them on top of each other all over the bottom of the closet and on the shelves above. And he calls me a hoarder, lol. Yeah, uh, huh. sure. Whatever. LOL.

Anyway. I have been watching some videos on youtube of other people crafting and making journals and trying to get some sort of motivation about crafting but so far, nothing. I think it has something to do with the fact that I really don’t know what design esthetic I really like (where junk journals are concerned). I mean I made my first one after following a junk journal tutorial on youtube. It was very vintage feeling and very distressed inside and out to make it look old. And although I do like vintage stuff I tend to like retro stuff much more so maybe I should focus on doing that instead of vintage pieces.

Oh, that reminds me. I haven’t had any sales yet here in my shop. And the end of the giveaway is coming to an end very soon, so if anyone would like to be eligible for the giveaway you’ll need to spend at least $10 dollars worth of products in my shop before you’ll be eligible. BTW, I do have some digitals in my shop right now¬† for anyone who doesn’t want to buy a junk journal. Just thought you’d like to know that, lol.

Okay, well, I guess I better get back to trying to do something, lol. Take care everyone and hugs,

Sweet Garden tag by Mod Girl

FYI – The image above is called a “tag”.
It’s what I like to make in my online group where members can request one with there name on it.
They then use the “tag” to sign the emails (instead of writing out there name).